Downtown Oakley Project

Last week city staff met with downtown business owners to discuss the project and coming impacts. Main Street will be limited to a single lane in each direction with landscaped medians from Vintage Parkway to Norcross. Sidewalk bulb-outs will extend the corner sidewalk at intersections. Diagonal parking will be provided on both sides of the street.

Construction of Carpaccio’s should start next Monday, March 12 with completion by the end of the year barring any unforeseen issues. La Costa will start in April and should be finished a month or so sooner than Carpaccio’s. The existing La Costa building will remain at its current location and they will be open during construction. Road construction on Main Street should start in May and finish in July or August.

Other key components include:

  • A small retail building next to Carpaccio’s
  • Public Plaza
  • Two areas of on-site parking
  • Façade improvements to CentroMart
  • Façade improvements to the Oakley Plaza

Street and sidewalk overlay #1

Street and sidewalk overlay #2

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  1. 1
    Kevin Says:

    There will be sufficient parking for all

  2. 2
    Mary romick Says:

    Looks great! The only question I have is, how much parking area will this plan have?

  3. 3


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