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Zoning for Adult Business

Just reading the City’s zoning laws can either put you to sleep or drive you to the brink of pain with its technical jargon, confusing acronyms and symbols and legal double speak. What started in New York City in 1916 … Continue reading

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Special Districts – what are they?

In the last few posts I have mentioned “Special Districts”. This post will provide some history and explain what Special Districts are. The Central Valley of California is one of the world’s greatest, both in production and in size. It’s … Continue reading

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Where do those Property Tax dollars go?

We all pay 1% of the appraised value of our homes in property taxes. How those dollars are apportioned between the many taxing agencies laying claim to that tax can be confusing. When you pay your property taxes, your payment … Continue reading

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Creekside Park opens in Oakley

On Saturday morning Oakley opened its 31st park. The first phase of Creekside Park, located at the corner of Laurel Ave. and Creekside, includes a parking lot, playground, 2 bocce ball courts, a BMX dirt track and a skate park. … Continue reading

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We all have a little Influence

In the previous posted I talked about boundaries and LAFCO. The discussion introduced a phrase “Sphere of Influence”. This post will explain how cities expand. Borders and boundaries are pervasive in our lives and they come in various sizes, shapes … Continue reading

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Who decides where the boundaries are?

On my quest to have the memorial returned to Oakley members of the Antioch contingent stated that the intersection of Bridgehead and Main had always been considered Antioch prior to Oakley incorporation in 1999. While I search for maps and … Continue reading

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Use your car alarm as a home alarm

Put your car keys beside your bed at night. If you hear a noise outside your home or someone trying to get in your house, just press the panic button for your car. The alarm will be set off, and … Continue reading

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