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Lighting and Landscape Districts

A recent newspaper headline read “$2.9M maintenance tax approved”, implying that the Oakley City Council was raising taxes instead of performing a mandatory annual review of the City’s Landscaping and Lighting Districts. In 1972 the State Legislature passed the Landscaping … Continue reading

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4-H in Oakley

You’ve seen them at the County Fair with their animals on display. But, beyond that what do you know about 4-H? The historical roots of 4-H are spread throughout the late 1800’s when there was a growing concern about educating … Continue reading

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eBART – Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU)

Bart cars are electric. Electric current is delivered to the trains over a third rail. A third rail is a method of providing electricity to power a railway through a continuous rigid conductor alongside the railway track or between the … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Maintenance

In a phenomenon that appears to be unique to summertime in Oakley, sidewalks are popping. There are a variety of theories but no known answers. More than likely it is the fact that the majority of the City is built … Continue reading

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