Oakley PD will lend Assistance in an Emergency

As I have stated in a previous post, Oakley contracts with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office for police services, which include personnel, forensics labs, dispatch, evidence inventory, swat team and helicopters. The officers patrolling our streets are actually members of the Sheriff’s office wearing Oakley uniforms and driving Oakley Police cars. There are 28 full time sworn personnel (1 Chief, 5 Sergeants, 14 patrol officers, 2 traffic officers, 2 Problem Oriented Policing officers, 1 K-9 officer, 1 School Resource officer and 2 detectives). Officers compete from within the Sheriffs Office to be assigned to the City. Officers are typically assigned for a minimum of four years. Currently we have several that have served for over four years. One has been assigned to Oakley for over eight years. This is currently the most cost effective way of providing Police services to our community.

It is routine for the Oakley Police Dept. (OPD) to provide assistance to an allied agency, such as the Sheriff’s Office, Brentwood PD or the Highway Patrol during life threatening emergencies. The Sheriffs East County units, from Bay Point to the east, and the OPD are all on the same radio channel. That makes it much more expedient for us to help them and for them to help us. So, on occasion OPD will respond to Bethel Island or Knightsen to assist the Sheriff in a priority call. OPD does not respond to routine or cold calls in other jurisdictions.

The County Patrol Units, Marine Patrol, Investigators, Civil Units, and anybody else who happens to be in the area will respond to Oakley without hesitation every time there is any kind of major incident. In past major incidents, members of the Sheriffs Patrol division have been shifted from other areas of the County to assist while OPD units were busy. It is a relationship that has served us well over the years.

The question that you are probably dying to ask; Is Oakley unprotected when our officers are providing assistance? No, as always protection is only a phone call away.


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