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The Urban Limit Line

Mankind has been migrating to the suburbs forever. The modern notion of suburbs — a community in an outlying section of a city — was found to be evident as early as the 6th century BC in Babylon. In ancient … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and How They may Affect Oakley

With the recent spate of earthquakes, the devastation in Haiti, and the more local shakes in Ferndale and Milpitas the posts I have on earthquake preparedness have been busy. In this post I thought I would focus on the faults … Continue reading

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Vehicle License Fee – A Primer

The Vehicle License Fee (VLF) seems to always be a topic for discussion when the state budget is debated. This is a primer on the VLF. The VLF is an annual fee on the ownership of a registered vehicle in California. … Continue reading

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Penn And Teller Get People To Sign Water Banning Petition

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Fishing in Oakley

The roughly 1,000 miles of waterways that make up the California Delta provides a cornucopia of fishing opportunities. Every backwater slough affords the angler another chance to test their talent. They pitch the jig, frog or plastic worm, patiently waiting … Continue reading

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Mt Diablo covered in snow

Updated February 28, 2023 I took these photos early morning on Sunday, February 20, 2011. This is the eastern view of the mountain as seen from eastern Contra Costa and the valley. 4 to 5 inches of snow fell Friday … Continue reading

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