Fire Stations of the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District

Update – In June of 2010 the Board of Directors voted in a budget with 48 fire personnel and 6 stations. Two stations were closed; station 57 in Byron and station 58 in Discovery Bay.

The Bethel Island Station (Station 95) was closed on July 1,2012.

Recently the new governing board for the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District (ECCFPD) toured the districts eight fire stations. East Contra Costa Fire operates 8 fire stations (plus one CAL-FIRE Contracted fire station) that are located throughout the District to try to provide an average emergency driving response time of about six minutes. These stations are staffed 24 hours a day.

Station location may not be optimal since ECCFPD was formed in 2002 through the consolidation of three fire districts: Bethel Island Fire Protection District, East Diablo Fire Protection District, and Oakley Fire Protection District. Although the districts provided support for each other station location was determined based on criteria for each district.

The tour began in downtown Brentwood at Station 54 located at 739 First Street. This station was constructed in 1957 for a part time volunteer fire department. Living quarters are spartan, reminding me of office cubicles. It is staffed with 3 personnel. There are 2 engines; one for structure fires the other for wildland fires. There is also 2000 gallon water tender, a specialized firefighting apparatus designed for transporting water from a water source to a fire scene. Brentwood has property to relocate the station to Sand Creek and Garin Parkway. Total responses – 1646

Still in Brentwood Station 52 located at 201 John Muir Parkway constructed in 2001. It is staffed with 2 personnel. Also located at this station is American Medical Response (AMR), a privately-owned ambulance company, and a Quick Response Vehicles (QRV) added to the system to provide faster advanced life support response to all areas of the district. The station has the same equipment and station 54 only newer. Total responses – 1788

On to Byron and Station 57 located at 3024 First Street. Built in 1964, once again for a volunteer fire department. It is staffed with 2 personnel and AMR QRV paramedics. Two engines, one for structure and one for wildland and a reserve engine. Total responses – 294

Discovery Bay Station 58 at 1535 Discovery Bay Blvd, built in 1980. Although newer it was still constructed for a volunteer fire department. It is staffed by 2 persons and has one structure engine and 2000 gallon water tender. Total responses – 379

Discovery Bay Station 59 at 1685 Bixler Road, built in 2002. It is staffed with 2 persons and has one structure engine and one wildland engine. Total responses – 453

Oakley Station 93 located at 212 2nd Street, built in 1963. It is staffed with 3 personnel. There are 3 engines, one for structure fires, one for wildland fires and a reserve engine. There is also a 2000 gallon water tender, which is owned by the State Office of Emergency Services. This station will be moved to an approximately 1.5 acres site located on the corner of O’Hara Avenue and La Viña Way. A preliminary site plan includes a three-bay apparatus area; approximately 3,000 sq. ft. of dorms, kitchen, restrooms and office area; and, approximately 1,500 sq. ft. of a training room/emergency operations center area. A concrete driveway and parking area is planned behind the fire station and a small asphalt parking area is proposed to the north of the station. Also, included are a concrete driveway and small landscaped areas in front of the station. Design would start in late May and construction likely in August or September. Depending on weather – probably early 2011 it’s open. Cost of the Station will likely be around $3million – paid for by Fire Facilities Impact Fees. Total responses – 1853

Knightsen Station 94 located at 15 “A’ Street, built in 1963. It is staffed with 2 persons. There are 2 engines; one for structure fires the other for wildland fires and 2000 gallon water tender. – Total Responses – 768.

Bethel Island Station 95 located at 3045 Ranch Lane, built in 1950. It is staffed with 2 personnel and AMR QRV paramedics. Staff is housed in a temporary trailer because the station was condemned in the spring of 2008 after a major roof leak. The station was tested and lead paint, mold and asbestos were found throughout the building. There are 2 engines; one for structure fires the other for wildland fires and 2000 gallon water tender. – Total Responses – 383.

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4 Responses to Fire Stations of the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District

  1. CAM says:

    How could you have been the “best Volunteer Fire District” when an Oakley crew stood by and watched a Knightson house burn because it was a different district? While I completely agree that the paid demanded by unionized firemen is a serious component of the Fire District’s financial dilemmna; equally as serious is the failed redevelopment and the foreclosed homes in Oakley that are draining the district of tax dollars.

    Here is a better suggestion, how about each community in the district recieve the service they pay for through taxes; and those who do not pay taxes do not receive service, or pay out of pocket for the services they recieve. Should Discovery Bay subsidize Oakley or Brentwood fund fire service in Bethal Island? To this I would add the elimination of the Union, all unions in fact, as pro forma corruption.

  2. mike says:

    I guess that person should realize that during the 80’s, the Oakley/Knightsen Fire District, because of their volunteer (paid on call) program had the best fire operation in all of the far east county and that the supervisor was getting pressure from the Local 1230 Fire Union to get rid of the non union volunteers. Also that until 1999 when the Oakley Knightsen Fire District was finally able to go independent with the help of supervisor Canciamella and an independent fire commission which determined that the oakley knightsen fire district should not only function as its own independent district that it could thrive with a ultimate gradual transition to a joint full time/ paid on call system. It was only when our current STUPID Supervisor Glover got into office that he with the help of the Local 1230 revised and consolidated the districts getting rid of the paid on call fire fighters and using only full time fire fighters without implementing an assessment district to help fund the district which now had nearly twice the costs due to full time fire fighters. This person likely being a full time union fire fighter who will be out of work should probably look closer into the real facts before he starts spouting off information that makes him look like a bitter idiot.

    Post this inthe blog as a response


  3. CAM says:

    Nice to know that Oakley, the burg you suggest you represent, does not consider the Cal Fire Station, (and by implication the Morgan Territory-Marsh Creek area) part of the ECCFPD. It seems that you were pretty quick to try and close our station and steal our tax dollars when your redevelopment mistakes were sucking the district dry. Considering the history of how our districts were consolidated and the assets that were stolen from the East Diablo Fire District because of the consolidation; and considering the promises that were once made at the time of that theft that the Sunshine Station would never be closed, it takes real chutzpah to suggest that this district has the ethical foundation to dictate winners and losers in the budget crisis. Remember that this district was formed when Oakley, Knightson, Bethal Island and Brentwood ran their seperate districts into bankrupcy in the Eighties. Remember that the crowning highlight of your intercity fights was that The volunteer Oakley Fire District watched a house burn in Knightson, and did nothing because they were a different district. Remember that the only reason East Diablo joined with you losers is because the supervisors determined that no one in the seperate districts of East County other then East Diablo was capable of running a fire district. Remember that Ray Morgan, the chief of East Diablo saved your sorry hides from the incompetency and intercine war fare that existed before the consolidation, and before the greedy unions saw fit to take over this district.

    Remember, because when you forget your own history, you repeat your own mistakes.

  4. Don Eisenbeis says:

    my comment is the good old county of contra costa screwed Disco.bay and byron again no fire protection and the fire chief is crap to let them close 2 stations of course they are the 2 orig.Byron fire dist stations 58 and 57 . how can you go from brentwood pd to fire chief and he never made it pass driver and now a fire chief what a joke i was a firefighter for byron fire station 98 DB and a firefighter for EDFD st 58 and one of the best firefighter that dist had.the Beck fire engine we got as byron fire now is in oakley we need to get henderson out and a new experience chief in according to firefighter standards no engine company is 2 its 3 hes just putting his crews at danger why dont you people of brentwood Disco bay byron and BI pull your heads out of your asses ecccfd is a joke

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