11 Citizens Now Empowered with Oversight of Bart Police

Press release from BART

BART riders and the public now have significant input on the way BART delivers its policing services. In a unanimous vote today, the BART Board of Directors delivered on a promise to riders and the community by creating one of the strongest models of citizen oversight of any police department in California.

The historic ratification of an 11 member Citizen Review Board means BART customers and the community now have the opportunity to ensure transparency and improve confidence in BART’s policing services.

“After the tragic 2009 police shooting at Fruitvale, we listened to the public and we promised a series of sweeping changes to improve transparency and public confidence in the BART Police Department,” BART Board President Bob Franklin said. “The list of changes that we’ve already made is quite substantial, including hiring a new police chief, significantly increasing visibility of officers on trains, tripling the training hours for our officers, streaming our board meetings live on http://www.bart.gov/board and now establishing a Citizen Review Board.”

Members to Start Work Following Training & Background Checks
The 11 members of the Citizen Review Board were selected from a pool of 40 candidates and will report directly to the BART Board of Directors. After receiving training and passing the required background checks, the members will begin their mission to increase the public’s confidence in BART’s policing services by:

  • Reviewing, recommending and monitoring the implementation of changes to police policies, procedures & practices
  • Receiving citizen allegations of on-duty police misconduct
  • Advising the Board of Directors, General Manager, Independent Police Auditor and Police Chief
  • Participating in recommending appropriate disciplinary action
  • Meeting periodically with representatives of the BART Police associations
  • Participating in community outreach

“Following the more than 20 meetings we held with the public, we promised we would create citizen oversight of BART Police and now we’re delivering on that promise,” BART Director Lynette Sweet said. Sweet chairs the BART Police Department Review Committee, which is overseeing the implementation of the changes in the BART Police Department. “This Citizen Review Board will provide the public with the transparency the public wants and the input they need to make sure BART’s policing services are the best they can be.”

The eleven members of the Citizen Review Board are:

Angeli, Sue – Pleasant Hill (Police Associations)
Barnett, Peter D. – Oakland (District 4)
Beshears, Sukari – Pittsburg (District 2)
Douglas, Benjamin L. – Lafayette (District 1)
Hambleton, Douglas N. – Danville (District 5)
Jones, Ken, San Francisco (District 8)
Kidd, Sharon Anne – Berkeley (District 7)
Mensinger, Les – Fremont (District 6)
Perezvelez, George D. – Berkeley (District 9)
White, William C. – Oakland (District 3)
Scaife, Jennifer – Berkeley (At Large)


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