Ribbon Cutting for new Fire Station 93 in Oakley

Saturday’s ribbon cutting was a milestone event for the City of Oakley and the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District. Although it was the third station built in Oakley it was the first since Oakley became a City. It is also the first station built since the control of the district changed from the County to local officials.

Station 93 was originally built in 1963 and underwent a major renovation in 1970s. Oakley’s population was around 2000 and 93 was staffed with a volunteer firefighting force. As the transition was made from a volunteer force to a full time force there became a glaring question in the station. Where do I bunk? Staffing full time fire fighters requires a place to house them that includes sleeping quarters and accommodations for spending lengthy periods of time. Station No. 93 did not have those capabilities. Additional modifications were made to the station to provide these amenities. Even with these new features the station lacked other essential infrastructure to handle the increasingly technological advances of today’s world. The City of Oakley had the funding, land prices and construction costs were down, so it was decided by the Oakley City Council that it was time to build a new station.

Firefighters got the keys to the new station on August 17 and immediately began moving into the new facility.

The first call was run out of the station on August 18 at 12:17pm.

For all it was lacking there was one part of the old station that found its way to this new station. It weights over 5,000 lbs. and had to be broken into three pieces for the move.  A plaque honoring all those who that have served the community as fire fighters dating back to the late 1930’s until the formation of the current district. There is one name on the list that deserves additional recognition and thanks. Albert Romiti, the land where the new station sits was purchased from the long time Oakley resident’s family. Albert lived his entire life at the location of the new station.

Additional thanks to the design-build team –

From Ascent Builders – Mark Shope, Robert Boucher, Lynol Calderon

GRA Architecture – Gary Roberts

District consultant – Bill Hess

Battalion Chief Jake Gonzalez, and

Oakley City Manager – Bryan Montgomery

Location: 530 O’Hara Ave, Oakley Ca

Construction History
Construction Contract Awarded June 22, 2010
Operational August 18, 2011
Opening Ceremony August 27, 2011

Cost $3,150,000. The station was paid for by fees the County and the City of Oakley has assessed on new homes built in Oakley. These Fire Facilities fees can only be used for capital projects and cannot be used for operations. Neither the City of Oakley nor the Fire District provided funding for the new station.

9,000 square feet

  • Apparatus Bay – 4,500 sq feet
  • Living Quarters – 3,000 sq feet
  • Emergency Operation Center – 1,500 sq ft

Class A Fire Resistant Dormer and Cupola Metal Roof
Complete Fire Sprinkler System
Three Drive-Through Apparatus Bays
Diesel Exhaust Removal System
125 Kilowatt Emergency Power Generator with a built in 500 Gallon Diesel Tank
500 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Tank
Medical Decontamination Room
Vented and Sealed Turn-Out System
Exterior Decontamination Station for Firefighter’s Clothing


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Mayor - City of Oakley, Data Center Manager of Mainframe Operations and Optimization – USS-POSCO INDUSTRIES, Co-Founder and Board Member - Friends of Oakley A Community Foundation, Advisory Board – Opportunity Junction, Commissioner - Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Board Member - Tri Delta Transit and Transplan
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