Online Speaker Cards now Available

Have you ever wanted to make comments at an Oakley City Council meeting but are too shy to speak in public, don’t have the time to make a meeting or have to leave before the item you are interested is addressed. To help the public be heard the City has created an online City Council Meeting Comment Form that is now available on the home page of the City of Oakley website under “City Council Meetings.” The online form will allows users to submit comments online for City Council agenda items beginning the Friday before each City Council Meeting until 5pm the day of each City Council Meeting. Agendas are also available online.

Every agenda for a regular meeting must allow members of the public to speak on any item of interest, so long as the item is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the legislative body. Under the Brown Act, the public is guaranteed the right to provide testimony at any regular meeting. However, regulations may be enacted that may limit the total amount of time of testimony on particular issues for each individual speaker.

Oakley City Council agendas provide an opportunity to speak for up to 3 minutes on agenda and non-agenda items. However, to be heard, you are asked to fill out a speaker card prior to the start of the meeting. These cards are always available on a table as you enter. The Brown Act provides that a member of the public may not be required to sign in as a condition of attending a public meeting; however, it is appropriate to ask people to voluntarily provide information. Obtaining the speaker’s name is helpful in preparing the official meeting minutes, assisting the Mayor to conduct the meeting in an orderly manner, or responding to the individual if follow-up is requested. Speaker cards are used to identify which agenda item the person is speaking on. If there is more than one card for a specific item the cards are selected in no particular order.


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