eBART Trains – What They May Look Like

I recently attended an American Public Transportation Association conference and expo. On display at the expo was a Diesel Multiple Unit a DMU. The DMU has been the stated car choice from BART to run on the future eBART line. A DMU is simply a train, powered by diesel, which can consist of multiple attached cars. Each unit is powered by on-board diesel engines. It travels on standard train tracks.


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3 Responses to eBART Trains – What They May Look Like

  1. Zale James says:

    I didn’t plan ahead to attend the show. Glad you went. Did you meet up with any BART officials. I am sure they were there in force scouting out new trends in trains for their next fleet. Which may come by way of a parcel tax…Which doesn’t look too promising the way the economy is going.

  2. Anon_ymous says:

    Interesting that BART has opted to go with DMUs for this project as a cost-saving measure (according to BART staff) and meanwhile they’re expanding service to Warm Springs and eventually San Jose with standard BART technology (trains, tracks, etc.), which BART staff has acknowledged is twice as expensive. On top of that, eBART is going to be delaved for another year – East County residents that have been paying taxes to get BART service for decades must be shaking their heads (and the dearly departed must be rolling in their graves).

    Thank you for snapping these pics and posting this article.

  3. David Gill says:

    Thank you for showing us the eBart what it look like..Now, I know what it is.
    For long time, I have been wondered what is eBart. No one really knew exactly what it is. Some insisted it is a Bus going by electric power.
    David Gill

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