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Section 8 – What is it?

Reposted from November of 2009 The term “Section 8” is often used as a scare tacit when certain types of development are discussed. It’s been an issue in Antioch and concern here in Oakley. There does seem to be a … Continue reading

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School District Boundaries in Oakley – Why the mess?

Reposted from November of 2008 School districts are a form of a Special-purpose district. Their boundaries are delineated to encompass certain geographical areas, which are not necessarily the same boundaries as the surrounding cities or towns. Districts are governed by … Continue reading

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Land Use Decisions – How are they made

Reposted from October of 2009 Oakley’s General Plan is not happenstance. Nor is it something that takes place overnight. Projected to the year 2020 the Plan has many requirements, one of which is the Land Use Element covering many issues. This … Continue reading

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Reposted from March 2009 There are many factors involved in determining where to build housing. But, aside from the obvious ones like; location, weather, school, parks, shopping, transportation, etc., the State also plays a large role in the process. The … Continue reading

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Affordable Housing

Tuesday’s night council meeting has an agenda item that pertains to affordable housing in Oakley. There is nothing like a discussion on affordable housing to fill up the council chambers. I originally posted this article in March of 2009. Here … Continue reading

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From the Kitchen Window

I took these photos from my kitchen window this morning. I think it is a Cooper’s Hawk

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