Mosquito Control Matters Video

Without mosquito control, the quality of life in California would be greatly reduced. This video beautifully illustrates the reasons why. See the wave of West Nile virus from New York to California in just five short years. Emerging diseases are real and will always be a threat, just like West Nile virus was when it emerged in New York in 1999, and just like Dengue fever is that recently emerged in Florida. As long as mosquitoes exist and as long as there is water, there will always be mosquito-borne diseases.

Mosquito control districts are independent special districts – public health agencies – created by the people and for the people, and are responsible for the health and welfare of every Californian. Mosquito-borne diseases affect anyone of any age and are largely avoidable with public education, mosquito surveillance, and mosquito control.

Mosquito control is essential to the well being of our families, friends and our constituents. Together, your support and our mosquito control expertise can protect them.

Mosquito control matters.


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