Running for City Council – Step 1

Interested in running for City Council in Oakley? The City Clerk’s office has all the information you need. As the Elections Official, the City Clerk is responsible for overseeing the municipal elections, distributing and receiving nomination papers, and maintaining all campaign statements and conflict of interest filings required by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

To be eligible to run for City Council, a person must be a registered voter of Oakley at the time nomination papers are issued. In order to qualify as a registered voter in Oakley you must be:

  • A United States citizen
  • A resident of Oakley
  • At least 18 years of age on the date of the next election
  • Not in prison or on parole for a felony conviction

Oakley City Council Members are elected to serve four (4) year terms. There are no limits to the number of terms a person may serve. The term expirations for the City Council are staggered so that only a portion of the offices expire at a time.

This November, three City Council seats will be open for election. The Nomination Period for this election runs from July 16, 2012 through August 10, 2012. Should one of the three incumbents whose term is expiring not file by 5:00 p.m. on August 10, 2012, the nomination period will be extended until August 15, 2012; the extension would not apply to the three incumbents. Filing papers may be obtained during regular business hours at the Office of the City Clerk, Oakley City Hall, 3231 Main Street in Oakley. For additional information, contact the City Clerk at 925-625-7013.

California Elections Code Sections 10220-10225 & 10228

10220. Candidates may be nominated for any of the elective offices of the city in the following manner:

Not earlier than the 113th day nor later than the 88th day before a municipal election during normal office hours, as posted, the voters may nominate candidates for election by signing a nomination paper. Each candidate shall be proposed by not less than 20 nor more than 30 voters in a city of 1,000 registered voters or more, and not less than five nor more than 10 voters in a city of less than 1,000 registered voters, but only one candidate may be named in any one nomination paper. No voter may sign more than one nomination paper for the same office, and in the event the voter does so, that voter’s signature shall count only on the first nomination paper filed which contains the voter’s signature. Nomination papers subsequently filed and containing that voter’s signature shall be considered as though that signature does not appear thereon. Each seat on the governing body is a separate office. Any person registered to vote at the election, and qualified to vote for the elective office of the city for which the nomination is made, may circulate a nomination paper. Only one person may circulate each nomination paper. Where there are full terms and short terms to be filled, the term shall be specified in the nomination paper.

10220.5. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a candidate shall not file nomination papers for more than one municipal office or term of office for the same municipality in the same election.

10221. (a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), the signatures to each nomination paper shall be appended on the same sheet of paper, and each signer shall add his or her place of residence, giving the street and number, if any, or another designation of his or her place of residence, so as to enable its location to be readily ascertained.
(b) Once a nomination paper is filed with the elections official, the nomination paper may not be returned to the candidate to obtain additional signatures. If the nomination paper is determined to be insufficient or the candidate fails to obtain the correct number of valid signatures on his or her nomination paper, the elections official shall retain the original nomination paper, provide a copy of the nomination paper to the candidate with an indication on of which signatures are valid, and issue one supplemental petition to the candidate on which the candidate may collect additional signatures. The supplemental petition shall be filed not later than the last day for filing for that office. The form of the supplemental petition shall be the same as the nomination paper, except that the word “Supplemental” shall be inserted above the phrase “Nomination Paper.”

10222. Every nomination paper shall have annexed an affidavit of the person who circulated it, to the effect that he or she saw written all the signatures appended thereto, and knows that they are the signatures of the persons whose names they purport to be.

10223. Each nomination paper shall be accompanied by a verified statement of the candidate that he or she will accept the nomination, and will also accept the office in the event of his election. The statement shall contain a blank space wherein the candidate shall be required to fill in his or her name in the manner in which he or she wishes the same to appear on the ballot and also the designation which he or she wishes to have under his or her name on the ballot, which designation shall conform to one of the designations permitted under this code relating to the forms of ballots generally.

10224. All nomination papers shall be filed with the city elections official during regular business hours as posted, not later than the 88th day before the election. Until that time, but not after, a candidate may withdraw his or her nomination paper after it is filed with the elections official as provided in this section.

10225. (a) Notwithstanding Sections 10220 and 10224, if nomination papers for an incumbent officer of the city are not filed by or on the 88th day before the election, during normal business hours, as posted, the voters shall have until the 83rd day before the election during normal business hours, as posted, to nominate candidates other than the person who was the incumbent on the 88th day, for that incumbent’s elective office.
(b) This section is not applicable where there is no incumbent eligible to be elected. If this section is applicable, notwithstanding Section 10224, a candidate may withdraw his or her nomination paper until the 83rd day before the election during normal business hours, as posted.

10228. A filing fee proportionate to the costs of processing a candidate’s nomination papers or a candidate’s supplemental nomination papers filed pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 10221 as determined by the city council and set by ordinance, but not exceeding twenty-five dollars ($25), may be imposed, to be paid upon the filing of the nomination papers.

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