Cell Phone Scam to Extort Money

Normally I’m a little skeptical when I get emails warning of virus and other scams. But today at work two employees were called on their cell phones with the same scam. Here is what happens. The caller tells you that there has been an accident involving a loved one and for a fee they will call 911. The disturbing part of these conversations was the amount of knowledge the caller had regarding the relative. In this case the caller was asked to provide a physical description and did so with enough clarity to create doubt in the person being scammed. The area code was 305

The call is an attempt to extort money

Do not panick if you get a call like this and do not send or give them any information,

Hang up immediately and call the Sherriff’s Dispatch number (925) 646-2441 and report it.

A similar scan was reported on Channel 10/11 – KOLN-TV in Nebraska


It’s a scam that felt so real for one Auburn, Nebraska woman more than a day later, she’s still traumatized. That’s why she hoped by sharing her story, it will prevent it from happening to anyone else.

Dotty M, who didn’t want us to use her last name, said, “I was just devastating, and I don’t want anyone else to go through this.”

It was a series of phone calls Dotty will never forget.

Dotty said, “They told me they had my brother Gary’s hands tied behind his back and if I didn’t get the money to him, I’d be very very sorry.”

Cheryl Holte, Dotty’s daughter added, “I heard a moan, when they told me just kill him, now, go ahead and kill him now.”

A scam artist somehow got Dotty’s cellphone number and called early Wednesday afternoon. The man told Dotty her brother Jerry had got into a car accident and the caller wanted a thousand dollars. Dotty corrected the caller saying her brother’s name was Gary. She said the man argued with her, finally conceding that Dotty’s brother’s name was Gary.

Dotty, “I said tell me who you are and he said we’re not going to, I said if I send you the money will you let him go he said yes.

Dotty got a ride to the bank to send money. She said the man told her to honk when she got in the car and continuously asked her when she was going to get there and how long it would take.

“He got mad at me because I was bargaining with him, the bank lady was telling me what to say, with notes.”

Luckily, bank employees realized what was going on and called the police. When the bank and police told her it was a scam, tellers wouldn’t let Dotty take out a loan.

After spending three hours on the phone, Dotty couldn’t believe it was a scam and was still worried sick about her brother.

Cheryl said, “I tried to calm her down tell her this was a scam but she would not hear it.”

Auburn Police told a local radio station they’ve received about a half dozen phone calls about the scam since Wednesday morning, the only problem the person making the calls is in Miami Florida and the phone is a Trac Phone.

Dotty said police told her the phone was activated just a few days earlier. Police said the phone number associated with all the scam calls is 305-934-2193.

When asked if police indicated if they would be able to find the person Cheryl said, “He said it would be hard to find him, and I said that’s funny because I’ve had two Trac Phones and each time I’ve had them, I’ve had to give my name and my social security number.”

Dotty finally got a hold of her brother in Nevada late Wednesday afternoon. Dotty said she was more than relieved to hear from him, he was OK.

Now the family wants others to be aware.

Cheryl,”Just watching my mother go through this tore me up and the reason I contacted people is I don’t want anybody else to have to go through this.”

Dotty and the rest of her family say if it wasn’t for the bank tellers and the police stepping in she would be out $1,000.

The Auburn Police Department is advising anyone if you get a phone call like this hang up and call police immediately.


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