PG&E to Replace and Realign Line 114 in Oakley

As a part of its pipeline safety program, PG&E will be replacing a large gas transmission pipeline from its terminal off of Bridgehead Rd. heading south through the Cline Vineyard, moving westerly in Main Street and then heading south down Neroly Road. The $40 Million project will begin mobilizing at the end of August and should be completed by the end of November.

PG&E will be doing two types of pipe replacement for this project. The first consists of making space next to the existing pipeline and placing the new pipe next to the old one. The orange line on the map below designates this technique.

The second type of pipe replacement consists of a new route. The light blue line in the map designates the new route.

The green line on the map is the existing pipeline.

Throughput the installation, PG&E crews inspect the new pipeline’s welds visually and with X-ray technology. They will also test the pipe with high-pressure water to verify its safety and strength before it goes into service.

When the new pipeline is safely in place, they will take the old pipe out of service and connect the new on to the system. During this phase of work, the new line will need to be purged of air and natural gas will be safely introduced into the system.

Occasionally during the work, you may smell gas or hear a loud, steady noise as natural gas is released from the pipeline. This is a normal occurrence when pipeline work is being performed. However, you are encouraged to call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000 with any concerns.

In most cases you gas service will continue without interruption. If that changes, a PG&E representative will contact you.

Customer Care gas specialist representatives are available to answer questions about natural gas pipelines or the work being done in the area at 1-888-743-7431, between 7am and 6pm, Monday – Friday

Online information about the project, PG&E’s Natural Gas Transmission System and their Pipeline Safety Programs at:

To see an interactive map that shows you where pipelines are located in your neighborhood – .


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