Oakley’s Garage/Yard Sale Regulations

Each weekend there are at least a handful of garage/yard sales taking place in Oakley. These sales can  be a great way of cleaning house, while making a little extra money for your family. In the event you  would like to hold a sale, we want to make you aware of some important regulations:

  • No more than three (3) sales per calendar year may take place at the same address;
  • Sales shall not exceed three (3) calendar days per event;
  • Sales may operate only during daylight hours only;
  • Signs announcing sales may NOT be posted in the public right‐of‐way or on any public  property (this includes streets, landscaped medians; landscaped strips along roadways, on  telephone poles, power poles, street lights, street signs, City trees, or on sidewalks or curbs);  Signs, up to a maximum of four (4) square feet, may be placed on the site of the sale or on  other private property WITH permission of the property owner; and
  • All signs must be removed at the conclusion of the sale. Any signs placed on utility poles,  traffic lights, traffic signs, street signs, fire hydrants or trees will be removed and the cost for  removal and any damage caused by the sign will be charged to the person sponsoring the  garage sale.

There have been many instances of signs illegally placed on public property and not even removed  afterwards. Be advised, that Code Enforcement Officers can cite you for illegally posted signs and  can charge you the cost of recovery and any damage caused to City property. The irony of the illegal  signs is that the violator is guiding Code Enforcement to his or her address.

To encourage compliance with Code regulations on signage and to help minimize the need for  signs, the City does offer a FREE community service for any resident wishing to post a garage sale  notice on the Cityʹs web site. Visit www.oakleyinfo.com, hover over “Services” on top and scroll  down to “Garage Sale Notices”.


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