Oakley Library Update

Monday night the Oakley City Council took two actions to facilitate the relocation of the Oakley Library from its current location at Freedom High, where it shares a building with the High School, to the CentroMart building.

In the first action, item 5.1 on the agenda, the Council offered its support for the relocation and expansion of the Oakley Library at the former CentroMart building and directed Oakley City staff to work with the Library Staff and the Friends of the Oakley Library to prepare an implementation plan for the City Council’s formal consideration.

A little background before moving on: Assembly Bill 1 x26 dissolved the redevelopment agencies and created two new boards to oversee the disposal of assets of the agency. The first is called the Successor agency whose role is to expeditiously wind down the affairs of the dissolved redevelopment agencies. The City Council sits as the Successor agency. The actions of the Successor agency are subject to review and approval by a seven member volunteer Oversight Board. After review by the Oversight Board the actions are then reviewed by Department of Finance. During 2010-2011, the Redevelopment agency acquired several key properties for redevelopment in the Downtown including the Roundtable, CentroMart and Oakley Plaza properties.

In the second action, item 5.4 on the agenda, the Successor agency submitted a list of former Oakley redevelopment agency properties that meet the designation of “governmental purpose” to Oversight Board for approval. AB 1 x26 and AB 1484 define “government purposes” as those properties used for “roads, school buildings, parks, police and fire stations, libraries and local agency administrative buildings” (Health and Safety Code 34181(a)). On this list of properties is the CentroMart building. The Oversight Board is scheduled to meet sometime in November. Once approved by the Oversight Board the Department of Finance has 60 days to approve.

After 60 days the ball is back in Oakley’s court. The realization of a new stand-alone library would necessitate a parcel tax measure, which will also indicate Oakley residents’ desire for the facility. A likely scenario includes a construction budget of $3.5 to $4.0 million and $260,000 – $300,000 of additional annual operational revenues. To achieve these numbers, the parcel tax would need to be between $4-$5 dollars per month, or $50-$60 per year per parcel.


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2 Responses to Oakley Library Update

  1. Sally – It’s wonderful that you and your children use the Oakley Library and find it sufficient, but we really do need a larger facility. The current location inside the Freedom High School Library was never meant to be permanent. In fact, the original lease was for 5 years, and that was 13 years ago. Both the school library and the public library are now bursting at the seams. The space constraints at the current location severely restrict the services that the Oakley Library staff is able to provide to our community. The old Y buildings on the Moura Parcel are temporary structures. To place a library in that location would require ground up construction, including utility connections and associated fees. Have you had a chance to read the City of Oakley Staff Report at: http://www.ci.oakley.ca.us/UserFiles/file/agenda/2012%20Agendas/10%2023%202012/text5_1%20-%20Relocation%20and%20Expansion%20of%20the%20Oakley%20Library.pdf ? It explains all of this much better than I have. The Friends of the Oakley Library are researching grants and other fundraising opportunities to help offset the construction costs.

  2. Sally says:

    My children & I use the current library and find it sufficient. Why do we need to spend more money on something that isn’t needed? There’s also the old Y building that could be used for a library. What we don’t need is more taxes.

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