Nature Invades Work

Yesterday we had a Technician on-site performing a pre-inspection for parts needed for next week’s scheduled service to our generator that is part of our UPS. He pulled off the doors and peered into the cooling system and found that nature had deposited itself between the radiator and the fan of the generator. There are two of them; the smaller of the two was a little camera shy.

The Virginia Opossum is a nocturnal and omnivorous marsupial. It primarily eats carrion and insects, but fruits, berries and grains, green vegetation, earthworms, and fungi may also be important. It builds nests of leaves and other material in hollow snags, logs, rocks, piles of brush, or in the burrows of other animals. Its breeding season is January-February and June-July in California. This mammal is highly adaptable and very tolerant of humans.

Believed to have been introduced in the San Jose area as a game animal (for its meat and pelt) in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

Only marsupial native to North America. Not considered a threat to native species; rarely lives longer than 18 months because of predation and run-ins with vehicles.




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