Additional Segment of O’Hara Avenue to be Widened

Access, into Oakley’s downtown along O’Hara Avenue between Laurel Road and Covered Wagon Drive is about to be significantly upgraded. On February 12th the City Council awarded an agreement to DeSilva Gates Construction for the widening of this segment of O’Hara Avenue. The roughly $2 million project will add curb, gutter, sidewalk, medians, landscaping, and pavement; resulting in a four lane divided roadway all the way from Laurel to Cypress.

Due to the existing elevations of properties adjacent to both sides of the roadway the project includes a grade separation between the north and southbound lanes south of the Contra Costa Canal. While the grade difference will be made up in the median, left turn access into and out Chianti Way and Woodglen Drive will no longer be possible once the median is built. Public meetings were held in 2012 regarding the proposed change of access and the feedback received was positive. Some residents commented that the new access configurations would better separate school traffic from the neighborhoods and would likely minimize unnecessary traffic cutting through the residential area.

The project will also reconfigure some of the parking lot in front of O’Hara Park Middle School and to better align the exit driveway with Covered Wagon Drive. The entrance driveways for the school and Oakley Recreation Buildings will be combined into a single driveway accessible through a turn pocket in the median. Although on‐street parking has never been allowed on O’Hara adjacent to the school, the addition of the median and extra traffic lane will require that parking prohibition to be strictly enforced. Coordination with School officials took place throughout the design process and will continue, as improving the safety around the school is
a primary objective of the project.

The contractor started demolishing fences and trees last week and will proceed to the grading and utility phase in the coming weeks. The reconfiguration of the school parking lot and access points will occur during the summer break and all of the roadway work is expected to be complete once the new school year begins. Landscaping and minor cleanup tasks may continue into the first few weeks of the fall session, but impacts are expected to be minimal.

For questions regarding the project please contact Jason Kabalin, Assistant Engineer at (925) 625‐7040 or


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