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What’s Involved in Updating the Housing Element?

To help complete the state mandated Housing Element update the city has selected a consultant to assist us; the contract has been awarded to De Novo Planning Group. De Novo will work with the Ad-Hoc Committee to complete the update. … Continue reading

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What is Affordable Housing

At last Tuesday night’s Council we appointed the 2014- 2022 Housing Element Update Ad-Hoc Citizen Advisory Committee. Their role will be to re-evaluate the City’s existing housing sites, and policies and programs to meet updated State laws, housing needs, and … Continue reading

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The 11 Year Flip

About every eleven years the sun does a 180 degree flip. Over the next few months, the sun’s magnetic field will reverse its polarity. On the sun north will become south and south will become north. This is not a … Continue reading

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When it comes to Zinfandel, old is the new black.

I’m often asked  – where do the grapes from Oakley go? This is from an email a friend forwarded to me: Zinfandel from Contra Costa County, California. SRP of $16 and available for $11 at Costco. Sample submitted for review. … Continue reading

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Three Strikes and Your Out

Last Saturday night I sat watching the Giants game against the Rays with my daughter Danielle. It was a great pitching duel with two CY Young winners battling it out; and then there was home plate umpire Joe West. In … Continue reading

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Understanding the Stress/Health Connection

Stress exists in your mind — but it’s also evident in your stomach, heart, muscles and even your toes. “In fact, stress may affect every cell in your body,” says Ronald Glaser, Ph.D., a researcher at Ohio State University Medical … Continue reading

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