BNSF Railroad Construction Work

The City of Oakley has received some complaints of the night construction being directed by BNSF. Unfortunately, the railroad activities are not governed by our codes, but we did contact the BNSF Public Affairs representative and have directed residents to her as well. The
construction behind the homes should be completed soon, but residents may call BNSF with any concerns: Lena Kent, Director, Public Affairs (909)386‐4140

BNSF also informed us this week that the work planned for next month on the bridge at
Bridgehead Road will not take place until January. The City Council had approved a
temporary street closure for November, so we will be bringing back a new proposal, when
received, to allow BNSF to temporarily close the road for the project.

BNSF is also proposing a new railroad antenna in Oakley. The purpose of the antenna is to
provide communication links in an area with otherwise poor train‐to‐train communication.
It will be part of a large network that will enable trains or crossings to be remotely
controlled to avoid serious accidents in the event of human error. Again, this type of railroad
activity is apparently exempt from local codes, but we will work with them to minimize its impact. It is a fairly thin antenna about 35’ ‐50’ tall.

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