Holiday Crime Prevention Tips

The busy holiday season is here and along with it the increased opportunities for criminals. The City of Oakley Police Department is urging citizens to be cautious and aware during this busy time. With all of the distractions and fast pace activity happening, we sometimes forget the basics for maintaining our safety while we are out shopping or just at home. It is important to remember that opportunity is the criminalsʹ key to crime. By staying alert and following a few crime prevention tips, you can ensure a holiday season that is happy, safe and festive. It is important that people are aware of their surroundings and potential areas of danger by removing the criminalʹs window of opportunity.

Below are some crime prevention tips to keep citizens safe:

When Shopping:

  • Be ALERT and AWARE of your surroundings.
  • Trust your instincts; if you feel uncomfortable with a place or person(s),  get away. Park in a well‐lit area.
  • Remember to lock your vehicle!
  • Minimize the number of valuables left in your vehicle.
  • Keep valuables, electronics and gifts and other ʺtheft attractorsʺ out of sight.
  • Protect your purse or wallet and clean out any unnecessary items.
  • Donʹt carry large amounts of cash or extra credit cards.
  • Never leave your purse, wallet or cell phone unattended in a public place.
  • Shop with someone ‐ there is safety in numbers.
  • Discuss with your children what they should do in the event you are separated.
  • Have your keys out and ready when you return to your vehicle.
  • Do not leave your car unattended with the motor running.

At Home:

  • Make sure all doors & windows have secondary locks and use them!
  • Keep a master list of all credit cards and other valuables somewhere secure at home.
  • Ensure that dark areas and entrances have outdoor lights that are turned on.
  • Place gifts where they canʹt be seen from the outside.
  • Avoid opening the door to strangers.
  • Investigate charities before donating.
  • Only make online purchases from trusted, secure websites.
  • If traveling, use timers for lights and radios while youʹre away. Ask a  trusted friend, neighbor or Neighborhood Watch member to watch your

When Driving:

  • Recognize that holidays can cause stress ‐ keep emotions under control while driving.
  • Give other drivers plenty of space and leave yourself a route to avoid an accident.
  • If you attend parties where alcohol is served, remember to ensure you have a designated driver.
  • Do not use your cell phone without a hands free device.
  • Take frequent breaks to avoid fatigue, especially when driving long distances.
  • Buckle up ‐ that means passengers and kids, too!
  • Be patient! Give yourself extra time for travel, especially in rain.
  • Even in dry conditions, traffic during the holidays is heavier than normal, and it will take longer than you expect to get around home.
  • Remember to make arrangements for mail and newspapers.

After the holidays:

  • Pay close attention to bills and report any unauthorized charges.
  • Photograph and record the serial numbers of newly purchased items and add them to your inventory.

If you would like to report suspicious activity or have questions you can contact Dispatch at: (925) 625‐8060. Program this number in your cell phone because calling 911 on a cell phone wonʹt get you directly to Oakley Police.


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