2014 Technology Predictions

Yes, ’tis the season for copious lists of predictions for the coming year. Here is a short list of technology related predictions:

My Top Tech Trends for 2014  Apple will release a product that causes laptop sales to nosedive, but the PC market could actually end up growing anyway. Here’s why.

Top 10 Predictions for Technology in 2014  Microsoft may get its mojo back, smartphones will get cheap, and we’re about to enter the Year of Encryption. A look at what to expect in telecom and computing for the coming year.

Updated: Top 100 Technology Predictions for 2014 Part I Cloud, mobile, social and Big Data predications? Shirley you can’t be serious

Experts’ 2014 tech predictions: high-tech shopping, life in the cloud The cloud will be used more for data storage that will help various devices.

3 tech predictions for 2014 Midway through the second decade of this new millennium and the world is starting to feel like the futuristic landscape that sci-fi writers used to fantasize about.

Predictions: Apple’s 2014 in 8 pictures Apple has a lot to do in 2014. What follows is educated speculation at some of its future plans:

5 Predictions for Social Media in 2014 Here are my five predictions for social media in 2014, and what they mean for your business

Tech Predictions for 2014 For the last 27 years I have written an annual industry prediction column where I try to forecast what I see happening in the PC and CE markets in the New Year. To be fair, I spend thousands of hours each year researching these industries and their products and get to see inside the labs of many companies as well as peek into start-ups and garage shops all over the world. So what I predict has more to do with taking an intelligent guess about what I see happening in 2014 and less an actual prediction. So as I look into my crystal research ball, here is what I believe will happen in tech’s New Year.

In 2014, The Mobile Web Will Die—And Other Mobile Predictions Also: Apple will release an iWatch, HTML5 will gain traction and Android will go 64-bit.

Red Hat: 15 IT infrastructure predictions for 2014 Senior company executives and business unit heads of Red Hat give their predictions on major IT infrastructure trends in 2014.

10 Outrageous Social Media Predictions for 2014 Every year, around December, I write my predictions for the next year. I love it. I sit in a room with some colleagues and brainstorm on what we think will happen next year and then I go to my crystal ball and look into the future, and just to make sure I’m not too off, I take my DeLorean and go back to the future.

The 2014 Technology Forecast Technology is constantly advancing. Already this year, we’ve seen some big improvements and releases when it comes to new products and the way people receive their information. Print advertising and publishing is becoming more and more overshadowed by online sources, and increasingly, people are doing their shopping and business on the internet. We don’t see this trend stopping any time soon! Today, we’ve compiled a quick list consisting of the 8 technologies that we think are going to make a big splash in the year 2014.

Top 10 IT Predictions for 2014 and Beyond Organized by year, Gartner lays out the trends expected to take over IT units during the next decade, including 3D printing and wearable devices.

Ten Business Technology Trends You’ll Read About in 2014 Which business technologies will lead the way in 2014? Research firms, journalists, and bloggers are gearing up to share their thoughts on this question and offer their predictions over the few weeks.

Seven technology predictions for 2014 The year 2014 will be where current trends will accelerate the transformation already underway in how we consume information and do business and live. Organisations will need to evaluate their information strategy to take advantage of the emerging opportunities.

IBM’s 2014 Social Business Outlook: From ‘Liking’ to Leading Looking back, 2013 has been the year of social business. It has evolved from a tool for students and teens to connect with one another, to become an integral player in our daily lives—with a profound effect on society and the business landscape. Couple this with the explosion of mobile devices, the power of analytics technology and new cloud delivery models, and the result is a perfect storm of industry trends that make 2014 the year that businesses can move from “liking” to leading as they look beyond social media to see how social technologies drive real business value. – See more at: http://www.eweek.com/enterprise-apps/slideshows/ibms-2014-social-business-outlook-from-liking-to-leading.html#sthash.LLqtaQln.WtZnEXP9.dpuf

Technology predictions for 2014 & beyond 2013 has seen a number of technologies enjoy varying levels of success and growth, with mobile devices, cloud computing and enterprise app stores all continuing to gain momentum. As I have written about throughout the year on this blog, these technologies have all had that disruptive business model impact which makes them popular and shakes up the existing landscape.

As we approach the end of 2013, I see no reason to expect 2014’s emerging technologies and trends to be any different. So what do we have to look forward to?

5 predictions for social media in 2014 Snapchat will get bigger, Twitter rants will grow louder, and your boss will learn to Tweet.

10 Mobile Tech Predictions for 2014 What does 2014 have in store for mobile technology? Experts, analysts and others share their predictions for smartphones, tablets, platforms, wireless network technologies, video and mobile banking in the coming year.


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