Dutch Slough Supplemental EIR now available for public comment

The Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for the Dutch Slough Tidal Marsh Restoration Project is now available online for public comment. This Supplemental EIR covers project design refinements that have been developed since the 2010 Final EIR for the Project, but does not include any major changes.

The following summarizes the Project elements DWR will consider in this Supplemental EIR.

  • a new flood protection levee along the southern boundary of the restoration area
  • the alignment of the eastern flood protection levee
  • levee armoring along Dutch Slough, Emerson Slough, and Little Dutch Slough
  • habitat types and management on the northern portion of the three parcels.
  • the alignment for relocation of the Marsh Creek delta on the Emerson parcel
  • the in-water construction methodology for several Project components
  • mitigation measures for effects to the Contra Costa Canal
  • cultural resources of the site

The Supplemental EIR is available at this web address: http://water.ca.gov/floodsafe/fessro/environmental/dee/dutchslough/index.cfm

The 45-day public comment period will end on Friday March 7.

Direct all comments to: Patty Finfrock

By email to Patricia.Finfrock@water.ca.gov

By surface mail to Department of Water Resources

FloodSAFE Environmental Stewardship and Statewide Resources Office (FESSRO)
1416 9th Street, Suite 1623
Sacramento, CA 95814

Email comments must be received by midnight March 7, and surface mail must be postmarked by March 7.

With questions about the Project or the SEIR, please contact me at (916) 651-0851 or by return email.

Please forward this email to others that may be interested.

Please note the following error:

This bullet point on page 1-3 should be deleted:

· DWR is considering modifying the loop trail around the Emerson parcel to create two separate
destination trails extending around the perimeter of the parcel which would end on either side of the Marsh Creek outlet breach (i.e., there would be no bridge over the outlet breach).


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