Stay in Emotional Control at Work

I received this information at work and thought it would be appropriate to share. I haven’t kicked a filing cabinet at work for years. Hopefully it’s because I’m doing better at controlling my emotions or maybe it’s because we don’t have them anymore.

Control your emotions—don’t let them control you. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Still, it is one of the most important skills you can learn for managing workplace stress. Three feeling states dominate negativity at work: anger, disappointment, and frustration. When you experience any of these, be capable of practicing the art of detachment. Don’t lose patience, mope at your desk, give people the silent treatment, or withhold information—these are unhealthy coping tactics. Detachment may include taking a short hallway walk; counting to ten; changing your body posture to one that is erect and sure, with your chin up; doing slow, deep-breathing exercises; or taking a quick jog, if your work situation permits. Reinforce this overall new coping strategy by checking your progress after 30 days. Ask a friend if they’ve noticed your improved mood.


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