Car Thieves Preffered Cars


From – Oakley Police Chief Dan Gomez

Can you guess the most stolen vehicles in America? According to a recent Los Angeles Times news article, based on last year’s statistics that would be a the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. The statistics were compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). The majority of the top vehicles stolen were older models, as opposed to newer models that are equipped with more sophisticated anti‐theft protection. Locally, the two most stolen vehicles in 2013 were the Honda Accord (17 total) and the Honda Civic (9 total). So as you see, Oakley is right in‐line with national statistics. Moreover, a total of 98 vehicles were reported stolen in the City of Oakley in 2013, with the most stolen vehicle reports occurring in June (15 total).

The first line of defense in protecting your vehicle from theft is to lock your car and take your keys with you when leaving a vehicle unattended. During the cold winter months, never leave your vehicle running to “warm‐up” or to “defrost windows” while you are not present. It is best to avoid making your vehicle an attractive target to a thief walking by. However, you may want to consider additional security precautions if you own one of the thief favorites that made the top the stolen list.

Taking some basic security steps will go a long way towards protecting your vehicle from theft. Lastly, don’t hesitate to report suspicious people or activity that you observe in your neighborhood. Thanks in advance for your help keeping Oakley safe.




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