Petition to End Women’s Suffrage

The 2016 ballot will probably have a long list of propositions on it. The reason why? The poor turnout in the 2014 November elections will make it easier to gather the necessary signatures to place a proposition on the ballot. The number of signatures required to get a measure on the ballot is reset every four years, based on the votes cast for governor in the previous general election. Since only 42 percent of the state’s registered voters, a record low, turned out in November, it’s going to be easier than ever to put a proposed law before the people. Shopping malls will soon be invaded with signature collectors.

This YouTube Video is an important reminder of why its important to understand what it is you’re signing for. The gentleman in the video is collecting signatures to end women’s right to vote. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, (more than likely the person collecting the signatures won’t be able to answer because generally they are paid to collect signatures and are not well versed on the issue). If you don’t understand, walk away and come back when you have a better understanding of what it is your being asked to sign.

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