PG&E to Replace Nearly 2,000 Streetlights in Oakley

all lanesNext Monday, May 18, 2015, PG&E will begin the process of upgrading nearly 2,000 streetlights to the longer-lasting and more efficient Light-Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures. Oakley’s existing street lighting system includes a variety of light fixtures; these street lights are primarily high pressure sodium (HPS), which have been the standard for many years. Converting the HPS street lights to the LED technology will reduce the City’s oakley logo2electric bill by over half, over the future years. The upgrade will take about three months.

The appearance of LED street lighting is somewhat different from traditional HPS lighting in that it provides better and softer light for the viewer. This also assists the Police in night time patrol and response. The other distinct difference is the ability of the LED’s to direct light downward, versus the traditional HPS fixtures where light spills out around the light head. LED technology also reduces energy consumption thereby reducing energy costs.

The installation takes approximately 10 minutes per lamp fixture. A two man crew in a PG&E truck with a lift will perform the work. The project does not require any work on your property and you do not need to be present during installation. There will be no service disruption.

LED fixtures use 50-75% less energy than HPS bulbs and last about four times longer. The lights are not expected to burn out for up to 20 years. LEDs provide a more natural-looking and evenly distributed light, resulting in greater visibility for pedestrians and drivers alike.


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One Response to PG&E to Replace Nearly 2,000 Streetlights in Oakley

  1. Jay Trock says:

    10 minutes? That seems pretty slow if it is just a direct plug in.

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