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July 31st, 2015 Marks a Rare Blue Moon

From There’s a “Blue Moon” in the sky tonight — but that doesn’t mean the lunar surface will turn indigo. Tonight’s (July 31) moon will be a gorgeous sight, but it won’t look different than any other full moon. … Continue reading

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Where Does California’s Water Go?

California’s water supports three main sectors: cities and communities, agriculture and environment. On average, the proportion of water used by each sector is 10 percent cities and communities, 40 percent agriculture, and 50 percent environment. This statewide ratio varies widely … Continue reading

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Automated Vehicle Testing at GoMentum Station

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, at the Concord Naval Weapons Station, GoMentum Station contains 20-miles of paved, city-like roadway grids, buildings, and other urban infrastructure. Honda researchers are using the facility to test automated driving technologies using modified … Continue reading

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Thursday, July 23 – It’s National Hot Dog Day

July 23 is National Hot Dog Day. The origin of the hot dog: Historians say the “little sausages” first appeared in America when 19th century German immigrants began selling them from push carts in NYC. The name “hot dog” is … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’ s and Wandering

I first posted this last year. An incident that occurred over the weekend prompted the repost Last Sunday morning Oakley Police Officers took a missing person report. An 80 year subject with dementia left her residence to an unknown location. … Continue reading

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AshleyMadison: Second Nightmare Phishing Problem

Again, we have a nightmare phishing scenario with the brand new AshleyMadison (AM) hack. A few months ago, the Adult Friend Finder (AFF) website was hacked, and now their biggest competitor. AM is one of the most heavily-trafficked websites in … Continue reading

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City Converting Selected Turf Areas to Drought Tolerant Landscaping

In early May the City of Oakley Parks and Landscape Division presented to the City Council a Water Conservation/Management Strategies report that provided the framework on how the Division would address the mandated drought restrictions. One aspect of the action … Continue reading

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