Scam Of The Week: Your Stolen iPhone Has Been Found

From – KnowBe4

Between 3 and 4 million smartphones are stolen every year. It’s your modern-day purse snatching. Many people put their entire private and work lives on these devices which can cost up to 500 bucks. Losing a device or getting it stolen can feel like a disaster, way beyond just the monetary loss.

Cyber thieves count on this panic and abuse their victims twice in this sophisticated iPhone scam. They count on you wanting to prevent a negative consequence and social engineer you. Nothing is sacred. Here is how this goes down:

  1. Your iPhone get stolen.
  2. You go online and turn on the Find My iPhone Activation Lock.
  3. Shortly afterward you get a message that the phone is found but you need to go to this website and verify your Apple ID. You quickly do this.
  4. Gotcha! It is a spoofed Apple iCloud site and when you enter your credentials, these go straight to the scammers who now own your account and unlock the phone.
  5. You’ve been social engineered and the thieves will sell the phone. Nothing to do but go to Apple, change your password and set up 2-factor verification for your account but the phone (or iPad) is gone forever.

Think Before You Click!


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