Limited BART train service returns during commute hours between Pittsburg/Bay Point and North Concord

Starting today, BART will run a train every 15 minutes during commute hours
between North Concord and Pittsburg/Bay Point. There will be no bus bridge
during the peak hours. During off peak hours, the bus bridge will be the
only option for riders. This will be the service plan while crews continue
to work towards finding a solution to the electrical problem. BART
successfully ran 1 train making many trips back and forth between the two
stations on Sunday night and Monday.

Evening Commute Details

3pm-8pm: 1 train will make trips every 15 minutes between the two stations
(The bus bridge will not run but we will have 6 buses on standby if needed)

8pm-Closing: Buses only

Morning Commute Details

4am-9am: 1 train will make trips every 15 minutes between the two stations
(The bus bridge will not run but we will have 6 buses on standby if needed)

9am-3pm: Buses only

Passengers coming from Pittsburg/Bay Point will need to transfer to another
train at North Concord to continue their trip towards Oakland and San

Update on Testing

“Testing over the weekend found very short spikes of high voltage,” in the
area between the two stations, said Alicia Trost, BART Spokeswoman. “The
experts are providing a fresh set of eyes to the problem. Crews have been
systematically identifying all possibilities and then eliminating them one
by one. While long and tedious, it will help crews get closer to the

Repairing Damaged Cars

While one team focuses on finding and fixing the electrical problems,
technicians in BART shops are working round the clock to repair the damaged
cars as quickly as safely possible.

“The car count has improved” as crews repair more and more cars, she said.

Crews were able to repair around 30 additional cars over the weekend.


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