April 2016 – State Route 4 Widening: Somersville Road to State Route 160 Update


Widen SR 4 East to eight lanes (three mixed flow lanes and one high occupancy vehicle lane in each direction) from Somersville Road to Hillcrest Avenue (plus auxiliary lanes) including a wide median for transit; and to six lanes (three mixed flow lanes in each direction) from Hillcrest Avenue to the interchange with SR 160 and the new SR 4 Bypass.

The project is planned to be constructed in five segments:

  • Segment 1: Somersville Road to Contra Loma Blvd. 
  • Segment 2: Contra Loma Blvd. to A St./Lone Tree Way. 
  • Segment 3A: A St./Lone Tree Way to Hillcrest Ave. 
  • Segment 3B: Hillcrest Ave. to SR 160. 
  • Corridor-wide: Landscaping.

Segment 1 – Somersville Interchange  Segment was open to traffic in December 2013.
Segment 2 – Contra Loma Interchange & G St. Overcrossing  Construction began in March 2012 and was completed in February 2016.
Segment 3A – A Street Interchange & Cavallo Undercrossing  Construction began in August 2012 and is anticipated to be complete in Spring 2016.
Segment 3B – Hillcrest Avenue to SR 160  Construction began in March 2013 and is anticipated to be complete in Spring 2016.

Issues/Areas of Concern

  • Adverse weather (wind) affecting jointed plain concrete pavement construction continues to impact progress. Additionally, a potential delay due to nesting birds is a concern. 
  • Authority staff, Caltrans, and BART continue to identify/implement steps to ensure the eBART median is constructed on time to meet agreed dates to turn over to BART.
  • Due to the drought emergency, the Landscaping project has been put on hold. Also, use of reclaimed water has been implemented for dust control and compaction. 
  • The exterior finish work on the eBART station in Antioch, has been deemed unsuitable by BART staff. Efforts are being made to improve the aesthetics.

Update from Previous Quarterly Report
Segment 2 construction is now complete. 
Segment 3A construction is 95% complete through February 2016. 
Segment 3B construction is 90% complete through February 2016. 
Access to the SR4 Median near Hillcrest Avenue was provided to BART contractor on January 28, 2016, two days ahead of schedule.


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