Free Wi‐Fi to be Tested in Two Oakley Parks

wifiThe Oakley Parks and Landscape Division is looking to install free public Wi‐Fi capability in the Creekside and Civic Center parks. The addition of WiFi in the parks will allow people more and better connectivity to keep tabs on their busy lives while enjoying the serenity of the park, participating in activities, or watching their children play.

A system is currently being tested and its anticipated availability will be made to park visitors by July 1st.

You’ve most likely noticed that Wi-Fi signals do not travel an infinite distance. The farther a Wi-Fi signal goes, the weaker it gets. This is known as attenuation. Users will be able to gain Wi‐Fi access in the parks when they use a wireless device within about 200 feet of a hot spot.


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One Response to Free Wi‐Fi to be Tested in Two Oakley Parks

  1. Lynne Page says:

    I think this is great. I was hoping the library would be approved, but at least this will give me wi-fi access within an easy walk from my home.

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