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Fake News: A Content-Based Social Engineering Attack

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have recently been facing scrutiny for promoting fake news stories. However, fake news is misused in a number of ways: Propaganda, trying to influence opinion Direct attacks on a political opponent Stock manipulation scams Shock people … Continue reading

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They’re Still Counting Votes

It’s November 29th and votes are still being counted. Hopefully a final tally will be released this Friday. In an effort to explain why the process is taking so long the County Elections Dept. has created a video. The video … Continue reading

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Bay Area Express Lanes – I-680 Walnut Creek to San Ramon Construction Notice – November 2016 Update

Toll system installation and testing on the I-680 Express Lanes is in full swing. Testing of the electronic toll signs is scheduled to begin Wednesday, November 23 and will last through the opening of the Express Lanes, scheduled for spring … Continue reading

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Which Negelected Swimming Pool Can Produce More Mosquitoes?

A neglected swimming pool is only partially filled with water while another is completely full. Which one produces more mosquitoes? If you guessed the pool with more water produces more mosquitoes, you’d be in the majority.  Let’s be clear: both … Continue reading

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What do You Eat for Breakfast the Day After Thanksgiving?

It seems like most of us have strong traditions about what to eat for Thanksgiving, but what about the morning after? What are some good fall post-thanksgiving breakfasts? Will a bowl of cold cereal due, a slice of pumpkin pie … Continue reading

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7 Turkey Myths That Could Ruin Your Thanksgiving

Reader’s Digest Alyssa Jung 11/3/2016 Myth: Always wash the turkey thoroughly Don’t let old-time turkey lore wreck your big meal: Learn the truth behind some of the most common turkey preparation myths before you start cooking. Experts say scrubbing down … Continue reading

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Whatever You Do This Thanksgiving, Just DO NOT Wash Your Turkey

Julie R. Thomson Senior Editor, Taste, The Huffington Post We understand the instinct. Poultry sometimes feels like it could use a little wash ― it can have a somewhat slimy quality to it. But whatever you do this Thanksgiving, absolutely … Continue reading

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