Poisonous Mushroom Warning

From Pompei Nursery

Hello Everyone,

I learned this week that some residents have had a toxic mushroom popping up in their lawns. After some research and communication with our local Agricultural Dept., this mushroom is the Stinkhorn Mushroom. It can be toxic to pets and children. There have been a few cases of dogs becoming  ill and/or dying from eating it.

It can be identified by its odor, which resembles rotten meat. It comes with different shapes, but most common resembles a large finger with a brown or orange tip that is covered with spores in a gooey slime that stinks.

Most effective way to eliminate these mushrooms are-

  •  Pull or dig up the mushroom. Place it a closed plastic bag as the fungal spores can be airborne.
  • Dig out the surrounding soil. Spray anti-fungal spray in soil.
  • Fertilize, especially nitrogen, breaks down the composition of fungal spores and helps prevent their growth.

You may pick up written material here at the nursery, regarding varieties of mushrooms, including the Stinkhorn.

Wishing you a good weekend.

Happy Gardening,

Pompei Nursery
4701 Main St., Oakley, Ca.
Tele. 925-625-7330


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