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Why Police Are Saying You Should Hang Up IMMEDIATELY If a Caller Asks ‘Can You Hear Me?’

From PJ Media “Can you hear me?” It sounds like something you’d hear in a cell phone commercial, but police say you should hang up immediately if you’re asked that question by someone you don’t know—because it could be a … Continue reading

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Community Choice Energy In Contra Costa County

Community Choice Energy (CCE) is a local energy model that is being studied by Contra Costa County and many of its cities, including Oakley. CCE allows local jurisdictions to pool their electric loads resulting in competitive/lower electric rates, lower climate … Continue reading

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I-680 Express Lanes Construction Notice-Nighttime Ramp Closure

Summary Upcoming construction activity for the Express Lanes on I-680 between Walnut Creek and San Ramon requires a temporary, nighttime ramp closure. The construction activity will include asphalt repair work for the on-ramp. The following ramp closure is scheduled: The … Continue reading

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A Motley Crew of Muzzles: Super sniffer detection dogs are training for duty in the Delta

Specially-trained dogs are used in many applications, including sniffing out drugs or contraband in oversea shipments, guiding the blind and providing therapy to invalids or the mentally ill.  In the Delta, dogs with particular sniffing skills are being cued up … Continue reading

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BART – Elevator Floor Replacement Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre Station 1/30 to 2/3/2017

On Monday, 1/30 we will begin work to replace the floor on the elevator at Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre Station that serves the platform for trains to San Francisco. We will be upgrading the splashguards and flooring in the elevator … Continue reading

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BART Tickets – My Transit Plus stores closed 12/29/2016

After nearly twenty years, BART permanently closed all My Transit Plus ticket sales locations. This is a continuation of the migration to Clipper cards. BART customers can still buy senior and disabled paper tickets (also known as the “red ticket”) … Continue reading

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Fire Protection – Another Option

The East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District was formed in 2002 through the consolidation of East Diablo Fire District, Oakley-Knightsen Fire District and Bethel Island Fire District. East County Fire District serves the cities of Brentwood and Oakley, as … Continue reading

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