Summary of SB1 – The Road Repair Bill

The California State Legislature last night passed SB 1 (Beall) and the companion revenue protections act, ACA 5. SB 1 enacts a number of new taxes and fees to generate revenue for transportation projects. SB 1 is the largest infusion of transportation funding for California since the 2006 Proposition 1B bond act.

ACA 5 places a measure before California voters in November 2018 to constitutionally protect all revenues from SB 1 from diversion or borrowing for other purposes.

SB 1 Revenue Sources

  • 12 cent gasoline excise tax increase and annual adjustment for inflation (starting Nov. 2017)
  • Resets price-based excise tax on gasoline and annual adjustment for inflation (starting July 2019)
  • Transportation improvement fee on registered vehicles (ranges from $25 – $175 depending on vehicle value) (starting Spring 2018)
  • 20 cent diesel excise tax increase and annual adjustment for inflation (starting November 2017)
  • 4 percent increase on diesel excise tax (starting November 2017)
  • 100 vehicle registration fee on zero emission vehicles (starting July 2020)
  • $706 million Transportation Congestion Relief Program (TCRP) loan repayments

SB 1 Reforms –

  • Creates a Transportation Inspector General within a new Caltrans Office of Audits and Investigations to provide greater oversight and accountability.
  • Provides for $100 million in efficiencies at Caltrans.
  • Gives the California Transportation Commission (CTC) additional oversight of the state highway maintenance program.
  • Creates an Advance Mitigation Program at Caltrans to mitigate the impacts of transportation projects on habitat and the environment.

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Mayor - City of Oakley, Data Center Manager of Mainframe Operations and Optimization – USS-POSCO INDUSTRIES, Co-Founder and Board Member - Friends of Oakley A Community Foundation, Advisory Board – Opportunity Junction, Commissioner - Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Board Member - Tri Delta Transit and Transplan
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One Response to Summary of SB1 – The Road Repair Bill

  1. Hal Bray says:

    SB-1 can also be known as the California general price increase on all products and services sold in California or, AKA California state government increases the cost of living for all Californians. All businesses manufacturing, transporting or selling any product or service in California will raise their prices to pay for the new taxes. Congratulations, Californians, you have been the highest taxed people in the country and now your taxes are going even higher. Time to ratchet down our standard of living one more notch.
    The chief lesson here: In California, Government is not your friend………

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