July 2017 – Customer Update: I-680 Contra Costa Express Lanes

FasTrak ® Required!

The I-680 Contra Costa Express Lanes are coming soon. Between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m., all vehicles, including carpools, will be required to have FasTrak to use the I-680 Contra Costa Express Lanes. Carpools, vanpools, buses, motorcycles and eligible clean air vehicles must use a FasTrak Flex® toll tag set to “2” or “3+” to travel in the lanes toll-free. Solo drivers will pay to use the lanes with either a standard FasTrak toll tag, or a FasTrak Flex toll tag set to “1”.

License plate cameras will identify if a vehicle without a toll tag has a valid FasTrak account. Express Lane drivers without a valid FasTrak account will receive a violation notice and be required to pay a $25 penalty as well as the cost of the toll. Express Lane drivers with a valid account will be tolled accordingly. To travel toll-free as a carpool or an eligible clean air vehicle, however, the vehicle must have a properly mounted FasTrak Flex toll tag set in the proper position.

The California Highway Patrol will also enforce the rules of the road. Beacons mounted over the Express Lane will light up to show officers which vehicles are traveling with their FasTrak Flex tag set in the 2 or 3+ position. This helps the CHP identify possible carpool occupancy violators. Express lane revenues will be used to pay for additional CHP enforcement.

Get a standard FasTrak or FasTrak Flex toll tag to pay to use the lanes; get a FasTrak Flex toll tag to carpool free. Visit expresslanes.511.org for more information about express lanes or bayareafastrak.org to order a toll tag.

Construction Highlights

Testing of the toll system continues through opening. The tests ensure that toll prices are properly displayed on electronic signs, that toll tags are properly read as they pass under the tolling equipment, and that the data from tag reads is properly accumulated to produce accurate charges to drivers’ accounts and protect privacy.

Motorists can expect to see dots, test toll amounts, and notification that testing is underway on the electronic signs. All toll system signs are affixed with static “Under Construction” stickers. While motorists will see prices on the signs, cars will not be tolled during the tests. Nighttime lane closures on I-680 continue throughout the next month.

Motorists traveling southbound south of Bollinger Canyon Road may also see some tree trimming during July. MTC is planning to trim five trees in the Caltrans right-of-way that are blocking the ability of roadside cameras to view the toll system signs. The trees have been inspected by a biologist and trimming will be performed under direction of a certified arborist. The right shoulder will be coned off and drivers can expect to see trimming equipment for a few days in the non-commute hours.


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