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Reducing the Risk of Rabies

More times than not, we smell skunks before we see them. As we approach winter, male skunks fight for the ability to mate with female skunks and release odor in the process. While their odor is potent, a bigger concern … Continue reading

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Priorities for California’s Water

This past year was a prime example of California’s highly variable climate—and a precursor of the types of extremes that are expected to become more common. After five years of drought exacerbated by record heat, 2017’s record rain and snow … Continue reading

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Signal Modernization Project in Oakley

City staff has been working over the past weeks to complete various signal improvements in Oakley. The Laurel Road/Empire Avenue and Main Street/Cypress Road intersections now have video detection cameras at all approaches to the intersection to improve vehicle detection. … Continue reading

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Odds are, the Flu is on Your Next Flight

source for this information More than 2500 respondents were surveyed on October 2 6, 2017 with the question, “Would you cancel a nonrefundable flight if you had a cold or the flu?” and 75.1% said “ No.” Data for … Continue reading

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Should I Use Bait or Traps to Control Rats and Mice?

So far this year, a record number of residents have requested rat and mouse inspections at their homes, exceeding the District’s 22-year average. With cooler weather on the way, that trend isn’t likely to change. Weather extremes typically drive rodents … Continue reading

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Winter Preparations

Now that the rainy season is approaching, DWR has posted tips on preparing for the possibility of flooding. The website includes other important flood preparedness links, such as emergency contacts by county and the National Flood Insurance Program.

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How Family History ‘Really’ Affects Your Cancer Risk

Originally posted at Almost everyone knows someone who has had cancer. It may even seem to run in some families. However, most cancer is not inherited. Check your knowledge about these other common myths about cancer and family history: … Continue reading

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One Tunnel Option Presents a Host of New Challenges

originally printed at Restore the Delta As reported in recent news articles, the Brown Administration intends to resurrect CA WaterFix as a single tunnel as part of the State Water Project, with discussions beginning at Kern County Water Agency today. … Continue reading

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Toyota Research Institute Partners with GoMentum Station to Expand Closed Course Testing

      Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has signed an agreement with GoMentum Station to test autonomous vehicle technology at the 5,000 acre autonomous vehicle proving grounds located in Concord, California. Managed by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), this … Continue reading

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