Get Ready for Winter

Preventing mosquitoes in gutters and rain barrels

While you’re up on the ladder putting up a few decorations, why not do a little mosquito prevention while you’re at it?

Leaves and other debris that have blown into gutters throughout the year can clog downspouts when it rains. Left alone, the obstructions prevent water from flowing.

And standing water can be a haven for mosquitoes. Tens of thousands of mosquitoes  can emerge from just one household clogged rain gutter. Clearing the leaves and debris allows the water to flow, successfully preventing mosquitoes. 

Rainwater barrels can also produce thousands of mosquitoes. The key to safely collecting rainwater without producing mosquitoes is to cover the water.

In this In a Minute video, the District’s Community Affairs Representative Nola Woods shows us how to collect rainwater this winter without giving mosquitoes an ample source of standing water. 

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Councilmember - City of Oakley, Manager of Mainframe Operations and Optimization – USS-POSCO INDUSTRIES, Co-Founder and Board Member - Friends of Oakley A Community Foundation, Commissioner - Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Board Member - Tri Delta Transit, Transplan, San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority and RD 2137, Advisory Board – Opportunity Junction
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