It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Rat and Mouse Season

Six ways the district’s free service helps you prevent  rats and mice

When it gets cold, most of us want to be warm. The same can be said for the rats and mice that are found in Contra Costa County because they are commensal–they live close to humans and can depend upon us for food, water and shelter.

It’s no surprise, then, that the change in seasons prompts rats and mice to migrate to areas closer to or inside your warm home.

“All they need is an opening as small as the size of a quarter. That’s it. Then they can gain access to a house, garage, shed or any other building that can provide shelter,” said Program Supervisor Jonathan Rehana.

Once inside, they hide out, usually in dark, secluded areas where they can go unnoticed during the day and as they search for food and water at night. By the time you see the telltale signs of droppings or chewed-on items, the rats and or mice have not only moved in, they may have established a family.

If you suspect your home has rat and mice activity, contact the District to request free rat and mouse service. The District’s service includes valuable, detailed information, guidance and recommendations.

District employees provide an inspection to determine:

  1. The type of rat or mice infestation (rats need not be present).
  2. How they are gaining access to a home or other structure.
  3. What is attracting the rats and mice to the location.

Once the inspection is complete, the District employee provides feedback that includes:

  1. A summary of what evidence was found.
  2. Recommendations on what to do to get rid of the current rats and mice.
  3. Instructions on what to do to prevent future rats and mice from gaining access.

District employees do not bait nor set traps, and they do not remove any animals from the premises.

Rats and mice can transmit bacterial and viral diseases by walking through their own urine and fecal matter and contaminating household surfaces. Ensuring a rat and mouse-free environment reduces your risk of contracting diseases associated with these rodents.

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