From the City of Oakley – Misinformation Regarding Proposed Development Project

We have been made aware of some misinformation regarding the proposed IBN Sina Mosque and Community Center in Oakley. This project has not been approved. A prerequisite to the project being evaluated by the City Council in a public forum, requires that the City receive a complete application and that the City then conduct an environmental impact analysis.

The applicants for the proposed IBN Sina project made an initial application to the City several months ago. That application was deemed incomplete and the applicants were required to complete a number of other studies and impact analyses to be resubmitted and reviewed. That resubmitted application package has not yet been received. If received, it will follow the same review process as would any other development application.

Consideration of this and any other proposed project will always take place at a publicly-noticed City Council Meeting. As with all projects, properties within 500’ of the proposed development will be provided a mailed notice of the public hearing, a public hearing sign will be placed on the property giving notice of the public hearing to the public, and the volunteer Citizen Planning Advisors will also get to review the application. Further, all of the development applications can be found on the City’s website for public review and comment. Visit to see a summary of the development application process.

A key component of the development review process is fairly applying the same criteria and placing the same requirements on all proposed developments. Each application is fully vetted using local, state and federal laws and regulations and each application is provided the fair, due process of review. The aforementioned laws do not allow the review process to consider the race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual preference of the applicants, or any other arbitrary criteria.

Very specific to the development of religious facilities, the federal Religious Land Use (RLUIPA) protects individuals, houses of worship, and other religious institutions from discrimination in zoning and related land use actions. RLUIPA strictly prohibits cities from taking any actions that:

  1. treat churches or other religious assemblies or institutions on less than equal terms with nonreligious institutions;
  2. discriminate against any assemblies or institutions on the basis of religion or religious denomination;
  3. exclude religious assemblies from a jurisdiction; or
  4. unreasonably limit religious assemblies, institutions, or structures within its jurisdiction.

Please feel free to contact Planning Manager Joshua McMurray at with any questions.

About Kevin

Councilmember - City of Oakley, Manager of Mainframe Operations and Optimization – USS-POSCO INDUSTRIES, Co-Founder and Board Member - Friends of Oakley A Community Foundation, Commissioner - Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Board Member - Tri Delta Transit, Transplan, San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority and RD 2137, Advisory Board – Opportunity Junction
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1 Response to From the City of Oakley – Misinformation Regarding Proposed Development Project

  1. Steve Nosanchuk says:

    Good info, thanks Kevin. I’m getting really tired of all the misinformed opinions becoming fact. Too many bigoted comments and just plain hatefull talk.

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