PG&E vs MCE – Options Regarding Electric Generation Provider

Look out for mailers regarding your electricity options. Effective April 2018 (based on your electric meter read date), Oakley residents will be enrolled into MCE as their provider of electric generation services in their MCE Lit Green 50% renewable option. PG&E will continue electric delivery services. You can opt out of MCE and keep PG&E for generation service for no fee so long as you act by June 2018 (or 60 days after your start of service in April 2018). Please know that it is the State law that requires this opt out arrangement, and not the City of Oakley. The decision made by the City was to provide residents the option of either MCE or PG&E. Decide what’s best for your home, now that you have more options.

MCE will send four mailed notices to customers letting them know about the switch to MCE service. These mailers contain general information about MCE services and customer-specific information when applicable, such as information on discount programs and net energy metering (NEM). Customers will receive two mailed notices before service begins in April and two after.

Customers with solar are enrolled in net energy metering (NEM) with PG&E and will receive their full year’s worth of charges upon enrollment with MCE. This process is known as a true-up.

MCE Contra Costa – Welcomes Concord, Danville, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, Pinole, Pittsburg, San Ramon, and unincorporated Contra Costa County

Contact Information:

  1.  Phone: 1 (888) 632-3674  Call center reps available 24/7 from the mailing of the first notices in February until June 30 to process opt out and Deep Green requests.  Regular hours for all other questions: Monday – Friday 7 AM to 7 PM  Over 240 languages available to non-English and non-Spanish speaking callers through translation services, including Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Russian and Laotian.
  2. Website:English


  3. Email: This email address is read and maintained by MCE’s senior account services staff.
  4. Office: MCE | 1125 Tamalpais Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901 Business hours for customer walk-ins are Monday – Friday 9 AM to 4 PM

Frequently Asked Questions: Visit for a complete list of questions and answers.

MCE Contra Costa – The Basics

MCE Enrollment Timeline

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