Young Skunks are Out and About

Each year, skunk activity peaks twice a year–in the winter during mating season and during the spring when young skunks are born and start to venture out into the world.
Right now, those young skunks are exploring their surroundings and acclimating to their habitat. During this process, young skunks can occasionally be seen during the daytime. While skunks can carry rabies, this is not necessarily a sign that they are rabid. It takes young skunks time to adapt to their nocturnal nature.

The District’s free skunk service is designed to reduce the risk of rabies by reducing the chance that Contra Costa County residents come in contact with skunks. We provide an inspection and advice on what to do to reduce the likelihood that skunks would be attracted to your yard.

If you suspect a skunk is living on your property, contact the District by phone or on our website.

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