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Virulent Newcastle Disease

There are chickens and roosters in backyards throughout Oakley. I hear them during my early morning walks on the weekends. Virulent Newcastle poses little or no threat to humans. Eating meat or eggs from infected chickens is no problem. Pink … Continue reading

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How to delete old tweets

To create a backup or archive, go to Twitter Settings and select “Your Twitter Data.” Scroll to the bottom of that menu to find “Download your Twitter data.” Click the button and the system will send a link to a downloadable … Continue reading

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Informed Delivery from the USPS

Mail theft is an ongoing issue that plagues many communities. I’ve seen a number of Face Book posts detailing locations throughout our city where it occurs. I recently began using a feature provided by the US Postal Service called Informed … Continue reading

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How women helped saved agriculture 100 years ago – from the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

By Joe Blackstock One of World War II’s civilian heroes was the iconic Rosie the Riveter, who represented the thousands of women building planes and ships during the war. But Rosie’s “mother” shouldered a similar, mostly forgotten role during World … Continue reading

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A First Look at California’s Permanent Cannabis Rules

First printed in California County News Mon, 07/16/2018 State regulators released the first draft of permanent rules governing California’s marijuana industry on Friday. Among the 315 pages of documents from the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the Department of Food and … Continue reading

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The North American Monsoon and California summer weather

We may get some monsoonal moisture Thursday and into the weekend originally posted 7/30/2014 An active monsoonal pattern over the past few weeks has brought some unusual summer weather to the Bay Area featuring some rather atypical conditions, with clouds, rain … Continue reading

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Latest Ways to Deal With Robocalls

First printed in Consumer Reports By Anthony Giorgianni Last updated: June 07, 2018 The number of these nuisance calls is exploding, but you have more options than ever to fight back If it seems as though you’ve been getting more … Continue reading

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Test your knowledge of Mosquitoes

How Much Do You Know About Invasive Mosquito Species? Click here to take this quick quiz to test your knowledge of mosquitoes. See what you know about Invasive Mosquito Species and how they could impact our quality of life here … Continue reading

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July 4th, 2018 – Facts and Trivia

Happy 4th of July! 242 years ago the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence declaring America’s sovereignty. Here are some Independence Day fun facts, history and trivia. The day before the signing of the Declaration, John Adams wrote to … Continue reading

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Grill like a pro! Food safety tips from the USDA

July 4 is tomorrow and for the estimated 80% of households that own grills or smokers, that means one thing – barbeques. Grill masters can make sure they don’t leave their diners with a nasty case of food poisoning by … Continue reading

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