How to delete old tweets

To create a backup or archive, go to Twitter Settings and select “Your Twitter Data.” Scroll to the bottom of that menu to find “Download your Twitter data.” Click the button and the system will send a link to a downloadable zip file containing your archive to the email address associated with your account.

Once you have your local backup, start erasing your texts. Use Twitter’s in-app Advanced Search to look for keywords.

Simply type in the keyword and your account name to pull up all of your tweets containing it your search words, then delete those instances.

There are some free apps that can help. Tweet Delete is a free service that can both delete your 3,200 most recent tweets and set a schedule for automatically deleting your future tweets at a regular interval. Just go to the Tweet Delete website, read through the privacy and user policies and sign in using your Twitter credentials. Similarly, you can check out Cardigan, another free, if less polished, deletion service, or the ad-supported TwitWipe.

If cost isn’t a concern try TweetEraser. The site offers subscriptions running from free to $9/month, depending on factors like the number of accounts it will be used on, how many tweets can be concurrently loaded and searched, and the number of search filters. Best of all, regardless of which plan you choose, the service will never post ads on your timeline as it goes.

The Twitter Archive Eraser is another free service. It’s an open-source desktop app that uses the Archive that you created at the start of this project as a searchable database. You can search and filter tweets by account, date range and keyword. It can also unlike tweets and erase DMs. Once you have finalized your deletion list, the program will access your account through the Twitter API and make the changes to your timeline. You’re going to want to download an updated Archive after this.

For a more mobile solution, iOS users can download the Tweeticide app. It’s $3, works with iOS 11.0 and, like the rest of these solutions, will delete the last 3,200 tweets in your timeline.

Android users have a more feature-full app in Xpire. Available free from Google Play, Xpire enables you to search and delete tweets selectively or wholesale, send “self-destructing” tweets that delete themselves after a certain amount of time and it even rates the riskiness of what you post online in a Social Score.

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