Virulent Newcastle Disease

There are chickens and roosters in backyards throughout Oakley. I hear them during my early morning walks on the weekends.

Virulent Newcastle poses little or no threat to humans. Eating meat or eggs from infected chickens is no problem. Pink eye and a fever is the worst that happens to infected humans.

But it is fatal and highly contagious to birds including ducks and parrots. In 2003, more than 100,000 commercial birds suspected of having the disease had to be put down. In 1971, nearly 12 million chickens were destroyed because of it.

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Councilmember - City of Oakley, Manager of Mainframe Operations and Optimization – USS-POSCO INDUSTRIES, Co-Founder and Board Member - Friends of Oakley A Community Foundation, Commissioner - Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Board Member - Tri Delta Transit, Transplan, San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority and RD 2137, Advisory Board – Opportunity Junction
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