‘Tis the Season for Package Thieves- Here are Some Tips from the Oakley Police

This week OPD officers were dispatched to the 400 Block of Anvilwood Drive for the report of a package just having been stolen from the porch of a residence. As officers responded to the area, they were advised the resident had a camera system and had captured images of the suspects and their vehicle. When officers arrived in the neighborhood, additional neighbors reported that packages had also been taken from their homes.

Because of the photo captured by the homeowner, OPD officers were able to locate the vehicle a short time later and three suspects were arrested. A search of the vehicle located a series of packages that had been taken from various residences in the neighborhood.

This type of crime is especially common during the holiday season as people’s online shopping purchases arrive.

We all know this is the time of the year when crooks patrol our neighborhoods looking for packages that have been left in the front of our homes. These thieves, often referred to as “Porch Pirates”, can often be found following the delivery vehicles as they move through our neighborhoods – picking up the packages as quickly as the driver deposits them.

There are a few things that all of us can do to reduce the possibility that our packages are intercepted by thieves.

  • USPS Notifications – A great service provided by the postal service can be found on their website (myusps.com) that allows you to be alerted within minutes of a package being delivered. The postal service will also hold the package at the post office so you can pick it up there. The postal service offers another service that allows you to preview the mail that you will receive the next day.
  • Federal Express Notifications – Package recipients can set some basic times for delivery and delivery notifications through their website.
  • United Parcel Service (UPS) – Package recipients can set notifications when the package has been delivered.
  • Have the package delivered to your workplace – The easiest way to prevent the package from being stolen is to have it delivered to your business. This should especially be done with higher value items that you’ve ordered such as cameras and video games.
  • Consider Using “Secure Lockers” – Many on-line retailers offer “secure lockers” where packages are stored to await for you to arrive. Within our area, Amazon has several locker locations.
  • Install Security Cameras – Security camera systems have significantly dropped in price and are now fairly easy to install. Having a camera covering the front entry and driveways of your home is an important part of the overall security plan for your home. An image of the suspect or their vehicle may be the key in solving the case and returning your property. One neighbor with a camera system in the neighborhood can significantly improve the chances of finding the suspect.

If you see a suspicious vehicle in your neighborhood or see someone take a package from your neighbor’s home, please give our dispatch center a call immediately. Getting a good description of the suspect(s) and their vehicle to officers quickly could save the day for a neighbor.

Over the next few weeks, our detectives will be doing sting operations involving packages within our community. We’ll be leaving the bait to entice crooks to steal our goods instead of yours – with the purpose of making our community a place where the crooks never know whose package they may have gotten.

Emergency 911
Dispatch (Non-Emergency) (925) 625-8060
Police Department Office (925) 625-8855
Tip Line OPD@ci.oakley.ca.us

Email –
SGT Kohlmaier (Investigations) Kohlmaier@ci.oakley.ca.us
Detective England England@ci.oakley.ca.us
Detective Morris Morris@ci,oakley,ca.us
Detective Foreman Foreman@ci.oakley.ca.us
Detective Griggs Griggs@ci.oakley.ca.us
Detective Minister Minister@ci.oakley.ca.us

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