What to do to avoid painful yellow jacket stings

Put traps up now

Yellowjackets can sting and bite repeatedly.

Yellowjackets stings and bites are painful and can be dangerous for people who are allergic.

And more than one yellowjacket has been known to ruin a backyard barbecue.

What can you do about it? Put yellowjacket traps up now.

The 411 on Yellowjacket Traps

  • Purchase traps and the attractant cartridge from home and garden stores.
  • Always hang traps on a fence or tree as far away from windows, doors and walkways as possible.
  • Put the trap up on April Fool’s Day.
  • Take the trap down on Fathers’ Day.

The attractant cartridge that you place in the yellowjacket trap is designed to attract nearby yellowjackets for approximately 10 weeks. That’s why it is important to put the trap up on April Fool’s Day this year so that you have the best chance of reducing the yellowjacket population from the start of yellowjacket season.

By taking the trap down on Fathers’ Day, you are less likely to attract yellowjackets from other properties and more likely to allow Dad to barbecue in peace in your own backyard.

For properties where residents find a ground nest has already been established, contact the District for treatment of ground-nesting yellowjackets only.

The goal is to get one step ahead of the yellowjackets and put traps up now, to reduce the risk of yellowjacket stings and bites later.

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