Both Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) and Plan Bay Area 2050 Processes Begin

Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) is a state-mandated process that requires local governments to take certain actions to plan for housing production at all income levels. ABAG, acting on behalf of the region’s local governments, leads the RHNA allocation process for the Bay Area – developing a methodology to identify the share of housing units by income level for each jurisdiction – but key to understanding this process is that that the total level of Bay Area housing need is developed in Sacramento by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).

The methodology for housing allocations will be developed in collaboration with the Housing Methodology Committee (HMC) starting in October. RHNA – while distinct – is done in parallel with Plan Bay Area 2050. For more information about RHNA, visit the website at

For RHNA’s Housing Methodology Committee (HMC), the Executive Board approved the members on September 19th.  The kickoff meeting for the Housing Methodology Committee was held on October 18th. More information about the HMC is available at

Key RHNA milestones are available at

Plan Bay Area 2050
Building upon its predecessor, the Horizon initiative, Plan Bay Area 2050 will serve as the next-generation long-range plan for the San Francisco Bay Area. Under federal and state planning regulations, Plan Bay Area 2050 must meet or exceed key requirements related to climate change, housing, and fiscal constraint, among others.

The first phase of the Plan Bay Area 2050 effort – which takes place this fall – will integrate the most resilient and equitable strategies from Horizon as  ABAG-MTC works to build the Draft Blueprint. The Blueprint will detail strategies (e.g., public policies and investments) that could be considered by local, regional, and state agencies to address the significant challenges the Bay Area faces, both today and in the future. Plan Bay Area 2050 Vision and Guiding Principles can be found at  More information about Plan Bay Area 2050 is available on the website at

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